Life is not to be endured but an adventure to be lived!

Who am I?

Licensed Professional Counselor

My name is Suzanna Warren. I am 55 years old and have never been happier. Like many people, I have a lot of brokenness in my past: Instead of finishing high school with my classmates, I chose to run off to Texas with my boyfriend who I’d met while in foster care. After wasting my teens and most of my twenties, I decided I was done being a loser. I wanted to be somebody someday... like those “successful” people in the trashy magazines I was used to reading.

After a series of run-ins with the law, a divorce from the stranger I married in Texas, and my daughter catching me doing drugs, I realized I had to get help. I sought treatment again for the umpteenth time, and finally surrendered to what was being taught. When I returned, I was a new woman. I did what the program required, and watched my life unfold into something amazing. While I was there, I met the God who loved me in spite of myself and my mistakes.

Sometime earlier I had earned my Cosmetology license, but due to extremely low self-esteem had never become a good hair dresser. So after studying for and passing my GED, I enrolled in college to become a business woman of some sort. I really only wanted to wear a suit, carry a briefcase and be somebody who was beautiful.

As the pieces of my very broken life began falling into place, my oldest daughter came back to live with me, my driving privileges were restored, and I met and married my (sometimes taken for granted) husband (of 21 years this summer). I waited several years for him before God finally saw fit to answer my prayer! Since I didn’t have a clue how to really love someone, God chose to bring a new child into our lives. This was shortly after I finished my master’s degree. I was 40 years old and finally ready to conquer the world...and surprise...God had other plans! He used this little girl to teach me how to truly love what He created.

My life has certainly not unfolded like I would have anticipated. The healing process has been grueling at times, but the rewards of being faithful to my healing have been amazing. For the most part, I am comfortable in my own skin (even though it is aging and has some cellulite). Thankfully I am finally learning how to be beautiful on the inside…which is what I was truly seeking all along, I just didn’t know it.